Raul Villares

Senior Backend Developer

What do I bring to the table?

  • Business value focused mindset:
    I try to think of outcomes not of outputs, and I ask myself "what value does this add?" to everything I do.
  • Used to wear many hats:
    My experience as a team manager and technical coach has extend my skill set beyond technical ones.
  • Team player, inclined to do glue work:
    I try to leave my ego in the drawer, and think about what is best for the team/company.
  • Broad experience with Test-Driven Development:
    Several years using it in real projects, and teaching other people how to do it.
  • Expertise in object oriented design and good practices:
    I have also solid knowledge of Refactoring, Behaviour-Driven Development, Domain-Driven Design and Clean Architechture.

Employment History


Senior Backend Developer
March 2023 - todavy

Development of a scalable and simple API that allows any company, big or small, to send and receive instant payments. A business bank account you can programmatically use in real-time.

  • Ruby
  • Rails
  • API Design
  • Startup


Technical Coach
January 2022 - February 2023

I help software teams to learn the key technics, skills and mindset to succeed in agile environments.

  • TDD
  • Design Principles
  • Continuous delivery
  • Pair / Mob programming
  • Refactoring
  • Sustainable pace

Alea Soluciones

Team coordinator
June 2020 - December 2021

In addition to my IC role, now I'm in charge of coordinating the development team: an hybrid of engineering manager, product manager and tech lead.

  • Software development
  • Vision and technical strategy
  • Project management
  • Productivity and team's health
  • Recruitment
  • Mentorizing new team members
  • Coordination with business management

Alea Soluciones

Software developer
November 2017 - June 2020

Development of telecommunications systems for small and medium-sized operators.

  • Extreme Programming
  • Continuous integration
  • Distributed systems
  • Self-managed team
  • Lean Thinking

Side projects

Comunidad CODE

Cofounder & host
Youtube channel

CODE stands for Charlas Online de Desarrollo en Español (Online Software Talks in Spanish).

TDD From Scratch to the Sky (or almost)


Workshop in PyConEs 2018


Founder & admin

Software development discussion board. Based on Discourse.

3's a crowd!


Mini puzzle developed with vanilla javascript.



First spanish social news web.


Admin & photography

Cooking blog.